Urban Legend by Sebastiane Fragrance Review

Urban Legend by Sebastiane Fragrance Review

This is a complete blind first impressions of Urban Legend by Sebastiane fragrances. I was excited about this fragrance especially since it has orange blossom and ginger. But out of the three fragrances from Sebastiane Perfumes so far this is my least favorite. For some reason the notes didn’t work well for me but who knows this would work much better with someone else.

I’m usually a huge fan of anything orange blossom and I generally love anything with ginger but for some reason these notes along with the vanilla note didn’t work very well with me. It’s a good scent but you don’t end up loving everything you smell and this is one of them. Urban Legend also has a very classic vibe as well. Came off a bit like an older fragrance perhaps the name has something to do with it? Who knows but if you like the notes in this perhaps you should check out Urban Legend by Sebastiane.

Some of my favorite orange blossom and ginger scents are at the link below.

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