Top Twenty Fall & Winter Fragrances

Top Twenty Fall & Winter Fragrances

Here’s my Top 20 Fall and Winter Fragrance list. It was somewhat difficult to create this list and now that I shot this video (last week) my tastes change all the time so these fragrances shift back and forth but this list is definitely true. These 20 fragrances plus 2 honorable mentions will be my go to fragrances this fall and winter.

As I’m writing this it’s started to become cooler than what the weather was up until the weekend, last week so I’m definitely able to start wearing the fragrances on this list. These fragrances are certainly, deeper, richer, stronger than normal. I can certainly wear these fragrances now on this Top Twenty Fall & Winter Fragrances list.

Watch my list and let me know thoughts on these selections on my Top Twenty Fall & Winter Fragrances video.

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