Top 10 Rose Fragrances and Perfumes

My obsession as of late is the dominant note of rose in perfumes I just can’t get enough of it. The smell of roses is intoxicating and addicting and I keep wanting more. I have over 20 rose dominant fragrances, perfumes but wanted to keep the list short as I don’t pull for the other fragrances as much as I pull for these perfumes.

This is a Top 10 Rose Fragrances and Perfumes list for 2014. The top, top has not changed much but who knows when I find another masterpiece it might change this Top 10 Rose Fragrances and Perfumes list in 2015 so in the meantime the heavy hitters in my collection that also dominate other lists of mine still stay on top.

The rose note is here to stay and each and every one of my perfumes on this list is completely different from one another. All with a big dominant note of rose but all quite different. That’s what makes this list unique with rose as a dominant note.

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