Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Review

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Review


Another excellent fragrance release from the Tom Ford Private Blend fragrance collection. What does Tom Ford Tobacco Oud smell like? We’ve heard of comparisons to Tom Ford Amber Absolute from his Private Blend collection as well as Tom Ford Sahara Noir from his signature collection. This is definitely an amber dominant fragrance and the oud is there hidden with big does of tobacco, ashy, dirty tobacco with incense characteristics! To me this is an excellent fragrance for someone that loves amber based fragrances. For the lover of tobacco in fragrances Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is perfect for you. If you’re into smokey, incense based fragrances then Tom Ford Tobacco Oud will be perfect for you.

Find out if Tom Ford Tobacco Oud come close to Tom Ford Amber Absolute and Tom Ford Sahara Noir. And find out what I think about Tom Ford Tobacco Oud.

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