Thierry Mugler Mugler Pure Havane vs Reyane Insurrection 2 Wild

Thierry Mugler Mugler Pure Havane vs Reyane Insurrection 2 Wild

I have really been enjoying Reyane’s Insurrection series of fragrances lately. First there was Insurrection 2 Pure by Reyanne the Aventus Killer. Then there was Insurrection 2 Dark which smelled like Spicebomb and now there is Insurrection 2 Wild which smells like Pure Havane. I mean Insurrection 2 Wild smells so much like Pure Havane I’m baffled at how close they are. The issue is if you compare the two together side by side you will notice some differences. Especially when you first spray Insurrection Wild but once it dries down they both become very very similar and you can’t really tell them apart.

This is really great because those of you that have been wanting a bottle of Pure Havane and have not bought it because it happened to be too expensive or just didn’t want to spend that kind of money then it’s time has come. Because Insurrection 2 Wild can be purchases for under 25 dollars. Whereas Pure Havane is suggested retail for almost a hundred dollars but it can be purchased for around the 75 dollar but still a good $50 dollar savings if you end up with Insurrection 2 Wild instead of the real thing.

Check out Insurrection 2 Wild. You’ll see it is very very close to Pure Havane. And if you don’t compare the two you’ll even think you are wearing Pure Havane. Performance was pretty darn great too!!

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