The Body Shop White Musk vs White Musk Sport

The Body Shop White Musk vs White Musk Sport

I’ve been a huge fan of the Body Shop’s White Musk For Men for sometime now and recently found White Musk Sport For Men at the Body Shop and wanted to give it a try. In the store when I smelled White Musk Sport I liked it. Although it did seem to be a bit on the light side but it had that muskiness of White Musk For Men but with like a citrus lemony thing. So I bought White Musk Sport and brought it home and was excited about having it. And unfortunately White Musk Sport was a complete let down.

White Musk Sport starts out very nice but dries down fast to something very metallic and unpleasant and nothing like White Musk For Men. I couldn’t wait for the metallic note to leave me as it was very sharp. Unfortunately it also doesn’t perform as good as White Musk For Men. White Musk For Men is a cheapie gem for me. It works great, makes me smell excellent and clean and fresh and soapy and I get compliments galore with White Musk For Men. Ladies seem to like this one on me a lot. Not sure why but it’s crazy. I think it’s because it has this very clean and soapy quality which is very nice!!

What are your thoughts about the two??

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