Tauer Perfumes Cologne Du Maghreb Fragrance Review

Tauer Perfumes Cologne Du Maghreb Fragrance Review

A fresh fragrance from Tauer Perfumes? Yes! Cologne du Maghreb by Tauer Perfumes was a nice surprise for me and surely a bottle worthy fragrance. I think Cologne du Maghreb is a perfect fragrance for those warm days as it’s a citrus aromatic and a Eau de Cologne. From my first impressions though I can tell this Eau de Cologne is going to be an excellent performing fragrance.

I get the DNA of my L’Air du Desert Marocain but this is a fresh, spicy lemoney citrus fragrance. The bottle for Cologne du Maghreb is also different than the other fragrances by Andy Tauer, Tauer Perfumes.

If you do not know Cologne du Maghreb then do check it out. This cologne is going to be perfect for those of you in very hot and humid climates. Definitely recommended!

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