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By Killian Straight To Heaven Review by Man Loves Cologne

Hey everyone, it’s Sebastian with Hey, I’m back with another great fragrance review.  We’re going to go to the house of By Kilian today. I recently discovered By Kilian maybe a year ago, and I’m slowly getting into the fragrances from this brand from France- Paris, France. Actually, the guy who started By Kilian, Kilian Hennessy, is an heir relative, grandson I believe, of the Hennessy brand. So, he decided to release his own fragrance line, and we’re gonna review Straight To Heaven today.

So, Straight To Heaven is a masculine men’s fragrance, and I absolutely love it.  This is By Kilian Straight To Heaven Travel Edition. I decided to go with the smaller bottle, it’s 150 bucks for this at Saks 5th Avenue, and it’s exclusively, um… Maybe not exclusively actually. In Saks department stores, probably, but you can get it online and stuff. So I decided to do the Travel Edition for By Kilian’s Straight To Heaven because I loved the way it looks. Here it is: so you get this beautiful travel bottle; it almost feels like it could be marble, some kind of an expensive glass; it’s not cheap, it’s not lightweight, it’s pretty heavy – heavy duty.  And then you get three additional refill bottles. There’s one in here, and there’s three additional bottles.  You’ve got the lovely tassel here, and then you’ve got a lot of the information about the fragrance: the Kilian logo, Straight To Heaven back here, and then all kinds of uh, whatever contents are in the fragrance; and then size and then weight info and all that good stuff. Also, it comes with this beautiful little booklet with information about the fragrance and other fragrances that you might be interested in, as well as how to use your little fragrance. Why did I go with the little fragrance? I think it’s perfect: I’m learning about By Kilian and it’s a good way to start here. I can take along my fragrance with me anywhere, and get a little acquainted with the By Kilian line with this travel edition of Straight To Heaven!

So the bottle is pictured above, it’s got beautiful engraving on two sides, then on the side, you’ve got smooth black. And then the top is almost like magnetic, it comes right off. If you put it on the wrong way, it automatically turns it around for you so that’s kind of unique feature to the travel bottle. And basically, the bottle slips right in. On the little bottle, you also have the name of the fragrance and then the edition. So, that’s basically it.

So you see the bottle above, it’s a beautiful bottle. So let’s see. So By Kilian Straight To Heaven fragrance is a men’s fragrance that was launched in 2007, the nose behind it, is Sidonie Lancesseur… I think I did that right, but if I’m saying it wrong, please correct me. So the notes I get in this fragrance are musk, jasmine, patchouli, rum –  there’s a big rum note in there, but not the type of rum that’s sweet and flavorful. This is more dark and kind of bitter rum. You also get the Virginia Cedar, which is one of the notes that I could get here; amber, nutmeg, then finally you get some vanilla and dried fruits. This fragrance kind of reminds me of Lalique’s  Encre Noir, although Straight To Heaven has a lot more depth than Lalique’s Encre Noir: I love Lalique’s Encre Noir, it’s beautiful, it’s earthy, it’s dark, its mysterious, it’s mossy, and this has all those same qualities, Straight To Heaven has all those same qualities, but it has a lot more depth, and then there’s a sweet note in Straight To Heaven, the dried fruits and the vanilla that Lalique’s  Encre Noir doesn’t have. So you get all of that in addition to the dark notes in Straight to Heaven versus Lalique’s Encre Noir. So let’s see, let’s try some on. Beautiful, very strong spray from the travel bottle. Let’s dab a little. Wow. First off, I’m getting a very big dose of rum – It’s just coming right at me, it hits me in my face. But then there’s a lot of medicinal kind of notes coming, Medicinal herbaceous notes, but not in a bad way. Wow. It’s a beautiful fragrance, very masculine. What I’m getting from this fragrance is black tie events, formal wear, wealth, conservative wealth, but not over the top conservative/stuffy conservative, more … how do you say it, a little more edgy conservative. It’s not your playful fragrance, it’s definitely a dark, masculine fragrance – Reminds me of the early eighties, the eighties fougere type of fragrance, but not so much. A little. Let’s see. There’s a really nice dry down with Straight To Heaven. What I get from the drying down is this beautiful, sweet, notes like the vanilla, vanilla and the dried fruit and the patchouli all blended in together – it kind of reminds me of fragrances I used to smell in the late eighties. Almost kind of, Boss, the original Boss in the late eighties, but don’t quote me on that, I can’t remember right now. Yeah, it has those qualities and the dry down is beautiful, I absolutely love it – It just turns into something completely different. The first sprays, you get those rum notes, the dark dry rum notes with the cedar and the jasmine, I definitely get the jasmine, the musk and amber, but then all of a sudden, the dry down turns into a sweeter, a little more beautiful fragrance with the vanilla and maybe the amber too, and the dried fruit. The unfortunate part is, it does definitely have the herbaceous and medicinal quality, but like I said, it’s not bad, it’s definitely pleasant.

I could see this lasting probably five to six hours, but see the thing is, my friend wears this, and I can still smell the dry down after a long of time, so it’s a powerful fragrance – you’re not gonna, it’s not going to be something like a Thierry Mugler Angel, I’m always quoting that fragrance because it’s one of the beasts that I’m in love with in the fragrance world. But this is not going to threaten and overpower people with too much of a bang in your head and your face kind of thing. This is more pleasant, this is more subtle, but the dry down smell that I was mentioning is the stuff that you will carry with you until the next day, I can smell it. I can smell it on me, and I can smell it on other people, it’s a beautiful dry down and it’s completely different than when first sprayed.

So there you have it guys, this is By Kilian Straight To Heaven, this review is for the travel edition but the original bottle and juice inside is the same exact thing. Both the original and travel bottles above if you haven’t seen it already. The travel edition comes again with four little bottles, and this beautiful spray bottle that you can take with you on your trip. Don’t forget, there’s also this beautiful K at the top of the bottle here. And that’s basically it. By Killian Straight To Heaven was launched in 2007. If you like Encre Noir by Lalique, you will like this, it’s got a lot more going for it than Lalique Encre Noir – I love both, they’re totally, totally different, but they’re also similar. So let me know what you think if you try this, give some comments below.If you’re like to order Straight To Heaven by By Kilian feel free to order from this link.

Thanks again everyone, I will be back with more fragrances, more fragrance reviews soon. Have a good one, see you later, goodbye.

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