Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial Review

Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial Review


WOW! What an excellent oud fragrance Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial is. It smells excellent. This is not a skanky oud although it does have an old musty, church/library type smell but it smells great. it’s big on the woods here and blackwood is the dominant wood note next to the oud so there’s a big earthy thing happening with Oud Imperial. Those of you oud lovers if you haven’t smelled Oud Imperial do so as it’s great. Big and potent. This Oud Imperial is on my to buy list in the near future, perhaps in the fall when the weather turns to cold again.

I would really love to explore Perris Monte Carlo more as I’m currently impressed with Oud Imperial. I tried Rose de Taif which I wasn’t blown away by but will have to try again in the near future as well as their other fragrances like Bois d‘Oud, Musk Extreme, Essence de Patchouli and Ambre Gris. Check out the Perris Monte Carlo house if you get a chance. You might end up liking something! 🙂

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