My Upcoming Trip To France & Spain

My Upcoming Trip To France & Spain

This is a quick video detailing my upcoming trip to France and Spain. I try and do an annual almost month long trip and this time I’m visiting Spain half the time and France the rest of the time. I want to really explore fragrances from Spain and see what they all have there so that I can bring back things that I can’t get here. Also want to try the new Dior Homme Parfum that has had a lot of word of mouth about.

I try and combine my trip with lots of fragrance shopping as I really enjoy fragrances if you haven’t already learned that about me. In France I will stop into any perfume shops I can visit and when I end up in Paris I will want to visit the By Kilian Shop I found out about. I want to visit the Maison Francis Kurkdjian shop. The Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier shop. Lubin shop. L`Artisan Parfumeur shop. Caron shop and various others. I want to find the rare perfumes I can’t get here.

As always please watch, comment, rate, share this video. I appreciate it. Stay tune for more videos very soon!! 🙂

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