Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review

Jo Malone Wild Fig And Cassis Cologne Review

Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review

Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review by Man Loves Cologne

Hey everyone, this is Sebastian with I’ve got another great fragrance review for you today, so let’s get started. We’re going to Jo Malone’s house today, and let’s get started with Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review. Got my Wild Fig and Cassis candle burning, thought it would be a nice touch for our Wild Fig and Cassis cologne. I’ve been wearing it for a while now, I had a small bottle, I was kind of faintly interested when I first started wearing this fragrance. I discovered it kind of late, I liked their other colognes, Pomegranate Noir, the two vetiver fragrances they have, and there’s also Verbenas of Provence that I’ve also worn, and then another one of theirs is Grapefruit, which I absolutely love, it’s really beautiful, summertime fragrance. When I discovered Wild Fig and Cassis cologne, I just absolutely fell in love with it. As a kid, I grew up around fig trees, so I had a faint scent in my mind of those fig leaves and trees, so when I sprayed this on me, it was taking me back to where I was growing up as a kid, smelling the fig leaves in the summer time: their dusty, dirty kind of green scent. This is amazing, it’s one of my favorite fragrances now, and I try and wear it as much as I can, but since I have so much colognes and fragrances, I’m trying to use up everything and not forget about one or the other, but I keep coming back to this Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis cologne.

Back to our Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review: So here’s the bottle, this is the 3.4 Fl. Oz, they have a smaller one, a 1.7 I believe; this retails for about $110; the small one’s about $60 and this one’s probably about $120. It’s double the size and you get more and it’s beautiful. It comes in a big box, but I don’t have the box with me unfortunately because I’ve been using this for a while. So let’s get started and spray some, and we’ll go from there.

As soon as you spray this, it’s a very green grassy note I get, very sweet grass. And then all of a sudden you get this blast of fig, it’s like right in your face. I’ve tried other fig fragrances, Acqua di Parma has one, Fig (Fico) Mediterraneo I believe is what it’s called, a couple of others, there’s one by Diptyque; but this seems to be the more truer fig scent. It’s not as sweet as the other two. It’s very green, but it’s got notes of cassis in it, let’s see. It’s got cassis, cherry, and definitely the grass is what you’re gonna get in the top notes, and then finally in the middle notes, you get hyacinth, cyclamen, jasmine and pine tree – this is where it gets really interesting. I love pine, cedar, and green tree type fragrances. Finally, in the bass notes, you get patchouli cedar again, there you go, amber, and musk. It’s one of those beautiful fragrances. I believe this is unisex, but I believe it’s more of a fall and winter fragrance, I guess that’s what they would call it. For me, it’s what mood I’m into at the time. If I want to smell like fig, I will wear this. More of our Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review below!

These are actually not perfumes, the Jo Malone lines, they’re colognes, so they’re not going to be long lasting like any other colognes or fragrances or perfumes that you might be wearing, but this thing lasts probably five to six hours, I mean, even at the end of the day, I might get a little hint of the fig on me, but it’s not as strong as something like Thierry Mugler’s Angel Men or Jean Paul Gaulthier Le Male. Again, this is one of the stronger of the Jo Malone Line. It’s such a wonderful fragrance if you were into green kind of fragrances – sweet green, but not too sweet, still earthy and musky, and patchouli, this is definitely the one to get. I can’t praise this fragrance enough, it’s wonderful. Who doesn’t love to smell like a fig tree; dusty, kind of milky fig tree fragrance. There you go, Wild Fig and Cassis, the bottle is pretty minimal: square with a green cap. Each one of these fragrances has some numbering at the bottom and then in the back, you’ve got the little informational packet that’s kind of stuck on there in different languages that you can flip through and read, and again, this is kind of like an Italian fragrance, even though Jo Malone is English or British, it’s colonia. As a kid I remember colonia was one of my favorite things to do. I used to snatch my dad’s bottles and spray it all over me. Whenever I see the word colonia, it reminds me of the Italian colognes my dad used to wear. Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne, colonia, from Jo Malone, try it, you’re going to love it, it’s just amazing. They also have a line of other products, like the Wild Fig and Cassis scented candle. It’s amazing but for small spaces it’s perfect. If you put it in a room, it’s going to smell like the cologne that you’re wearing, they kind of go hand in hand. It’s a wonderful scent. If you’re not really familiar with Jo Malone fragrances, you should definitely check it out. Go to Neiman’s or Saks or Nordstrom’s and just pop in there; there’s probably a very friendly associate that’s going to go over the whole line, and they’ll probably start talking to you about how you can blend these fragrances together and create something very unique, which is fun to do, but I kind of like the true scents of the original fragrances, so I rarely blended any of mine, but Wild Fig and Cassis, that’s one of my favorites from the Jo Malone Line.

Thanks so much, this is Sebastian, thank you checking out our Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis Cologne Review! You should definitely visit the rest of our website,, there should be links for this fragrance and other fragrances, some really nice offers, and also give me a thumbs up on our YouTube video above and put some comments and let me know what fragrances you’d like us to review or like for me to review, because I’ve got a whole box full, drawer full of colognes that I’m happy to review for you and then I’m also interested in buying more. Any time I get cologne, I’ll be happy to put it up. If you have something special you want me to review, just let me know in the comments section. Again, thanks so much, this is Sebastian with, have a good one; see you next time, bye bye!

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