Imaginary Authors Cobra And The Canary Fragrance Review

Imaginary Authors Cobra & The Canary Fragrance Review

This is a quick My First Impressions review video for Imaginary Authors Cobra & The Canary fragrance by Josh Meyer. I left The Cobra & The Canary towards the end as I wasn’t too excited about it on initial looking into the notes but once it came time to review The Cobra And The Canary I got excited about it. And Imaginary Authors Cobra & The Canary does not disappoint either.

It’s pretty nice. The tobacco note is actually a tobacco flower not an actual dried tobacco leaf that’s in a typical tobacco dominant fragrance that I’m enjoying lately so it’s more floral which is a nice change. So once again I’m very impressed by Imaginary Authors with The Cobra & The Canary and once again this is going to be bottle worthy. I’ve got two more reviews coming up with Imaginary Authors and we shall see which fragrances are winners from the Imaginary Authors collection of fragrances.

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