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  1. Terence


    My name is Terence, im from south africa and i’m a major cologne fanatic. I enjoyed the review of encre noir by lalique. How much would a bottle of encre noir cost me in south african currency and roughly how long would it take for me to receive it?

    Would really appreciate your help.


  2. admin

    Hello Terence, I thought I’d replied to you. I really do not know this information unfortunately. Well I suppose first I should ask is if you already got your Encre Noir?

    I really do not know the current currency exchange rates. Secondly do you know if you all have fragrance shops where they sell under the radar fragrances like Encre Noir? Or can you order from online retailers like Amazon? I bought mine on Amazon and it cost me about 35 dollars very cheap.

    35 dollars equals 312 South African Rand. Does that make sense at all? I just looked it up but ordering and shipping to South Africa would be a pretty penny unfortunately. Let me know if this info helps at all. I would research some stores that might carry in internally in SA rather than order it from another country to arrive to you.

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