First Fragrance Purchase In France Plus Giveaway

First Fragrance Purchase In France Plus Giveaway

This is my first Fragrance purchase on my trip to France 2013/2014. Bought this fragrance from a small mom and pop perfume shop in a very historical town in France with a big Roman history. Since I shot this video I have already picked up 3 more fragrances and there should be a lot more. I wanted to do a quick giveaway so here goes.

Guess which city I purchased this fragrance in and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a 10ml decant of Dior Homme Intense. Draw will be held for 1 week and winner will be announced soon after that using Fragrance will be shipped upon my return back to the states on the 15th of January.

Thanks so much for watching, commenting and subscribing. More videos to come very soon.

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