Encre Noire Pour Homme by Lalique

Lalique Encre Noir Review by manlovescologne.com

Hey everyone, this is Sebastian with Manlovescologne.com. Hey, I’m back with another great fragrance review. This time, it’s a brand that I’m not too much familiar with, but it’s Lalique. We have here from Lalique, it’s Encre Noir. Wonderful, wonderful fragrance that I discovered recently, and I absolutely love this thing. It’s a beautiful, beautiful, representation as far as packaging goes, and really, Lalique is not really a fragrance specialist, they’re more into.. I don’t even know what they do actually; they do glassware, something similar. I’m sorry I don’t have my research on my fragrances that much but Lalique, I’m not that familiar with.  But I absolutely love this fragrance, so I had to do a video about it. So anyway, Encre Noir Lalique was introduced in 2006, and this is an amazing bottle – box for the bottle. So here we go, let’s see how this thing looks. So when you open it up, you get a little booklet with information about some of their products, maybe some of their other colognes and all that good stuff. And then finally, the bottle of cologne is right over here. It’s a beautiful, very simple design. You’ve got this wonderful looking cap that’s nice and tight on here, and it’s definitely woody – a wood kind of design, so what you’re going to expect from this cologne is, you’re going to get lots of woody notes.

So Encre Noir by Lalique eau du toilette, this one is a 3.3 fl oz, 100 milliliter eau du toilette by Lalique. So Encre Noir is one of those dark, smoky, wet, kinds of fragrances. It’s very sexy in a way, kind of like a dark noir, kind of like a noir film obviously with the name – that’s what you get pretty much with it. This fragrance is not too many notes – the notes we have in Encre Noire are cypress – love cypress, love cedar, I love cypress-, then you also have the middle notes of vetiver; vetiver is one of my my all-time favorite fragrances; I’ve worn Guerlain’s Vetiver many times. Now I’m wearing Tom Ford’s Vetiver, Gray Vetiver, it’s wonderful. The base notes for this Encre Noir are musk and cashmere wood, so basically that’s pretty much in it. It’s very, what do you call it, it’s not too heavy with the notes, but it’s a very beautiful fragrance. It’s one of my favorite discoveries, and I’m so happy to have found it, and the cool thing about Encre Noir is, it’s not too expensive, it’s a definite value. So Lalique, let’s spray some.

Three sprays, immediately, when I spray Lalique Encre Noir,I get the cypress. As soon as it dries down, I get the vetiver. I mean, I get a combination of the vetiver and the cypress, but the more it dries down, the more vetiver I get. And then finally, the drier it gets, I’ll be getting the musk and the cashmere wood. Now, this fragrance is perfect for evening wear. It’s one of those ones where you’re getting all dressed up, not just “dressed up”, but all dressed up. If you’re going out to, like, a ball, or a really really fancy dinner, this is the fragrance to wear. Encre Noir is very sexy: dark, fragrant, mysterious, very… I don’t know, noir film is what I get when I smell this and it’s an amazing fragrance. It’s very smoky though, it smells almost like burn, burning wood, fire and fireplace, or in Europe, when I travel in the winter time, there are areas in the country where they’re burning wood – it’s wet, and it’s mossy, and just piles of dead wood – that’s the scent I get from smelling Encre Noir. It’s an amazing scent. This fragrance, it’s kind of like a niche quality kind of a fragrance. It’s not even like.. I hadn’t heard of – I mean, I had heard of Lalique but I did not know they were making fragrances, so that’s what’s cool about Lalique’s Encre Noir. I almost also associate it with another of my favorite fragrances, Comme des Garcon’s Avignon Incense. This one, even though it’s got frankincense in it, it’s got a very burned kind of fragrance. So I kind of put it in the line of, the niche of, kind of fragrance, because it’s very unique – I have never smelled something like this from a designer or a brand type of company that’s producing fragrances. It’s a total unique fragrance.

So last, how long does this last? I’d say Encre Noir lasts probably anywhere from 6 to 8 hours; but that depends on how many sprays. If you’re doing one spray, I think you’re gonna get less, but if you do like three or four, which is what I would do, I would get six to eight hours, and by the time the eighth hour comes around, I think it’s going to be very very faint. Right now, I’m getting the burning: the burned wood, the burned leaves, but behind all of that I get the vetiver, and then cypress mixed in really pleasantly.

So that’s Encre Noir, guys, check it out. If you don’t know anything about Lalique’s Encre Noir, you need to check it out. If you’re a fragrance buff, you need to have this in your collection, because it is one of the most – the least expensive top quality fragrances I have ever found. I paid about $45 dollars for this, it’s a wonderful fragrance, I’ll probably go through it pretty fast, and since it’s so cheap, I’ll be picking up another one. With the holidays around the corner, these are awesome presents because your contacts- your family, your friends, are not even gonna know what Lalique’s Encre Noir is, and you’re gonna give them this big beautiful box, and they’re gonna be like, “Wow, what is this stuff?”. And if at all, they have a great understanding of fragrances, they’re gonna go crazy for this because it’s wonderful. So there you have it, Encre Noir by Lalique. Thanks so much for watching, give us a thumbs up, put up any comments if you want us to do any reviews for any fragrances, let me know. I’m Sebastian; click the link below for www.manlovescologne.com . You will have a link to purchase this online for a really low price. It’s wonderful, you have to have it in your collection and I’m so glad I found – stumbled onto it. One thing I forgot to mention, Encre Noir was launched in 2006. I don’t know where I was, but I had not heard about until last year. But thanks so much for watching, give us a thumbs up and stay tuned for another video very soon. Have a good one, goodbye!

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