Eau de Gingembre (Ginger) by Roger & Gallet Review


Eau de Gingembre (Ginger) Review by Man Love Cologne

Hey everyone. This is Sebastian with Manlovescologne.com, got another great cologne review for you today. This time we are going to the house of Roger and Gallet of France, Paris France with Ginger, Gingembre. Very, very light, very nice fragrance, perfect for any time of the day. I would say mostly for day time or summer time but it is a very refreshing fragrance to wear. If you are put off by very strong colognes, this is, this is the one to get or any of the Roger and Gallet line but the Ginger is very, very nice. I, as soon as I put it on I get like a gingerial kind of an experience but definitely it is citrusy gingerial and then the dry down I get more things like musk and amber but anyway let’s go over some of the notes. So basically the notes you get not many, ginger, bergamot, neroli which I love neroli. It is the, orange blossom, benzoin and ambrette are the main notes in this excellent cologne. It is not a perfume, it is just basically a cologne so it is not going to last too long. So if you are looking for something to, to wear at the office to smell little nicer then this definitely is the one to work with. Let’s try some on.

It has got a, it is a masculine fragrance but I think it is definitely a unisex fragrance, women and men can wear this but immediately I get a very gingery kind of a bubbly smell when I put it on my arm here. With a  little bit of the bergamot in there and then right after that I get some of the floral notes of the neroli but this probably is more of a mature scent, a mature scent where older, entrant would be into, not so much the young crowd. I mean it is definitely alive, it is more or like the lines of colognes and fragrances that the younger people will like but this is not going to have lasting power. I would say two to three hours at the most is what you are going to get out of Gingembre from Roger and Gallet. But which is fine, you can carry a bottle with you and spray it throughout the day, one spray here and then another spray there. So anyway Roger and Gallet Ginger is a perfect cologne to wear during the day, office or something to wear throughout the house because it is not going to be over killed with the scents. So that is basically it, Roger and Gallet’s Ginger. It is the perfect cologne to wear throughout the day, day or night, not so much night of course but if you are put off with really strong scents, night time it will work for you but it is definitely a day time that Roger and Gallet’s Ginger is going to work. Day time, summer, spring, maybe even fall but I would say spring, summer again I myself, would wear it anytime. I love fragrance so Ginger is one of my favorites. That is basically it guys. Thanks for watching, go ahead and give me a thumbs up, put some reviews up for me and click the link at the bottom of this video and it will take you to our website where you can find links to get yourself some bottles of Roger and Gallet’s Ginger or any of their other fragrances that I have reviewed. This is Sebastian with manlovescologne.com, thanks so much and see you next time, have a good one. Bye.


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