Eau De Cartier By Cartier For Men and Women. Eau De Toilette Spray

Eau De Cartier By Cartier For Men/Women Eau De Toilette Spray Review

Hey everyone, this is Sebastian with manlovescologne.com. I’ve got another great cologne review for you today, this time it’s Eau De Cartier by Cartier. Eau de Cartier was released in 2001, so it’s been around for a while, but it’s a nice, fresh, scented fragrance to wear throughout the day and evening. It’s definitely unisex but I’ve heard some things like, women say it’s more masculine than unisex, but I think women and men do wear it; I love it, it’s a really fresh fragrance. And yeah, so basically, Eau De Cartier is a beautiful, minimalist design bottle, comes like this, and when you want to spray it, you basically kind of go down like this so it unlocks, and then you close it back so it doesn’t accidentally spill if you travel with it, but this is the bottle, it’s beautifully designed, with the logo right here on the side with the name, Eau De Cartier. So notes-wise, we’ve got yuzu, violet leaf, violet flower, cedar, lavender, coriander, white amber, bergamot, musk, and patchouli, as some of the notes in Eau De Cartier. So let’s try some.

First spray, I get a lot of citrus notes, but it dries down and becomes a little more musky, a little more soapy, definitely get the patchouli in there, and the white amber and the musk on its dry down, but I’m getting more lavender and soap in the beginning along with the citrus, definitely get the violet. It’s a fun fragrance, it’s definitely younger, it’s not so much very conservative, it’s more playful, it’s more fun, you can wear it throughout the day, it’s perfect for work, I don’t think people will complain too much, because you’re not going to leave a trail when you’re walking around so it’s got a great silage. Projection wise, it’s pretty nice; longevity, I think it will last you three to five hours, depending on how many sprays you’ve got on. It’s a very nice fragrance, it’s perfect for daytime, it’s perfect for summer, it’s perfect for winter; for winter you might have to do a couple more sprays. Summertime, it’s perfect on your body, if you spray some on your chest, your arms, and the more you spray, the more it’s going to last on you, so it’s perfect for beach type settings, restaurants, going out, dinners, and for clubs, more sprays will do it.

So there you go, Cartier Eau De Cartier, it’s been around since 2001, this 6.7 oz bottle goes for about $120 in department stores, but I’m sure you can find this bottle for a lot less online. Check out www.manlovescologne.com and there should be a link to some places where you can purchase it for discounted rates, but yeah, that’s basically it, Eau De Cartier is definitely one I go back to every so often; it’s light, it’s fresh, it’s refreshing, it’s not overpowering, it won’t put people off. It’s a great fragrance to wear here and there and for friends and all that good stuff. Eau De Cartier. Anyway, thanks so much for watching, until next time, tune in. Give me a thumbs up, put some reviews up for me, and visit www.manlovescologne.com or click the link below this video. Thanks so much! See you next time, goodbye.

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