Diptyque – L’ Eau de Neroli Cologne Review

Diptyque L’Eau De Neroli Cologne Review by Man Loves Cologne

Diptyque L’Eau De Neroli Cologne Review by Man Loves Cologne

Hey everyone, this is Sebastian with manlovescologne.com. I’ve got another great fragrance review for you today, so let’s get started. This time, I decided to go ahead and go into my fragrance closet and pull out one that I’ve been a big fan of for quite some time. It’s from the house of Diptyque. I love Diptyque candles, I’ve been buying Diptyque candles for a long time, and they have an awesome collection of fragrances that I totally love. One of them is their very first fragrance, L’Eau that I’m a big fan of, that I’m actually out of, that I need to go back and pick one up, but a couple years ago, I discovered a really awesome fragrance from the house of Diptyque called L’Eau de Neroli, and since it is one of my older bottles of fragrances, I’m kind of halfway finished, maybe a little more than that, but this is the bottle right here. It’s got the beautiful black design in the front here, and got some information right under; 200 milliliters, so 6.8 ounces. Basically, L’Eau de Neroli is a beautiful, what do you call it, orange essence fragrance, so it’s very fresh; it’s beautiful, it’s perfect for summer time, for really warm hot days you might want to wear this, but you know what, I wear it any time of the year.

L’Eau de Neroli by Diptyque was released in 2008. The nose behind it is Olivier Pescheux. The top notes for L’Eau de Neroli is tarragon, lots of citruses, lemon verbena, petitgrain, and bergamot. The middle notes are orange blossom, one of my favorites, Egyptian pelargonium, and neroli – neroli is the middle note on this. The base notes: beeswax, cedar, and white musk. Now, neroli is made from the flowers of the bitter orange, it’s kind of different from straight out orange blossoms, so we’ve got the bitter orange blossoms which are neroli and then you’ve got your regular orange blossoms all inside this beautiful fragrance by Diptyque. When you buy this bottle, I don’t think I can take this off now, but it’s kind of similar to the Serge Lutens line of fragrances, where you’ve got the box and you’ve got the top on there and you take the top off and you add your little sprayer and then close it off. It’s beautiful. So I’m a huge fan of the neroli and orange blossom essences or fragrances or colognes, I know Tom Ford has a neroli now, it’s very popular, it’s the green bottle; so since I’ve had this, I don’t need to pick that one up any time soon, but 47-11 makes an awesome neroli orange blossom fragrance as well, whereas this is very light and very very light, minimal fragrance which doesn’t last a lot, but it’s perfect for after showers. L’Eau de Neroli by Diptyque is going to last a lot longer, and the more sprays you put it’s going to probably last all day, it’s that good. 47-11 wears out, completely disappears after at least an hour or two, more like an hour rather than two hours. This will last, and then at the end of the day, or hours later, you’ll get more of a soapier quality, which I totally love, because it makes you feel fresh and clean, which is one of my favorite things with fragrances. Smelling fresh and clean is always good, I’m a clean freak, so just getting that fresh clean scent off of your clothes and your skin is pretty darn amazing. So let’s spray some.

Immediately I’m getting some spicy notes but then it’s mixed in with the spicy notes I guess from the tarragon, which is a green spice, a spicy note, so right now, what I’m getting is the neroli from Tom Ford or even my 47-11, but it’s a lot more deeper, whereas the 47-11 is kind of like one or two notes, even though it’s composed of many different notes, I don’t get a lot of notes from it. You should also check out my video on the 47-11, which I’ll put a link on the bottom of this video for you to check out. I get a lot of green notes here, and then lots of flowers, and then all of a sudden, now I’m picking up some beeswax which is more spicy, but it’s not like strong spice, kind of refined spice I guess. Anyway, the neroli comes in, it punches you, but then it becomes the tarragon, but then it comes right back in the middle note, it’s even stronger. What I like about this, it’s the fact that it’s very citrusy. Another fragrance that I have that I did not bring down to show you or mention during this video is the Hermes green bottle, which is basically all orange blossom, that’s one of my favorite favorite fragrances as well. Even though this is a lot sweeter than the Hermes, it does kind of have very similar qualities. This fragrance is definitely more sweet, it’s beautifully sweet, and I love sweet fragrances, but then again, it’s green sweet, does that make sense? Green and sweet, do they go together? When I think of sweet, usually they’re like caramel colors and coffee colors, and chocolate colors, but this is a green sweet color, because of the green I’m getting it from the green orange blossom, orange tree leaves and citrus fruits and then of course the tarragon.

I’m a major fan of these neroli based fragrances, and when I want to smell fresh and clean, that’s basically what I do, I want to wear that. When I don’t want to have the fragrance last too long, I put this stuff on, it’s cheap, it’s good, links will be at the bottom if you want to pick some up. Not sold in department stores; 47-11 is an older German cologne. But If I want the scent to last a lot longer, I’m going to go with this stuff and it’ll last with you – three sprays will take you probably six to eight hours. Probably by the eighth hour, it’ll completely be gone; I put some on my sweater or shirt or something and then it stays with me most of the day, which is what I like. This is not going to turn people off –it’s a pleasant fragrance, it’s probably going to be, what do you call it, pleasant, so people around you will not be turned off. It’ll be a fresh and soapy smelling, clean, clean scents people don’t get turned off, but something like Thierry Mugler’s Angel A*Men, that’s going to turn people off  and even though I do wear it at the office if I’m in an office setting, I wear minimal amounts of it. This stuff you can wear three sprays, you’re not going to turn people off. It’s a very pleasant, clean scent. It’s also the warm sweetness, it’s going to be inviting, whereas the A*Men people are going to want to stay away from you because it’s so strong and it projects way too far. This stuff is beautiful, it’s a clean scented fragrance, and I’m a huge fan of anything Neroli or Orange Blossom; there’s actually one other one that I’ve worn another time – the Jo Malone Orange Blossom. That I would say is more floral, even though it smells like you’re walking in an orange blossom field, freshly bloomed on orange trees, this stuff, the sweetness keeps coming back – it’s a lot sweeter, so there’s something about this that much more attractive to men rather than the Jo Malone Orange Blossom, but it tends to be a lot more floral than the neroli from Diptyque or the 47-11 or even the Hermes green bottle, which is one of my other favorite fragrances.

So that’s basically it, L’Eau de Neroli by DIPTYQUE is an awesome fragrance, it’s perfect for summer if you’re going on trips to places with lots of water or Caribbean type places or Hawaii or things like that, where it’s hot, humid; this is going to be great for you. Don’t listen to me when I say it’s perfect for you to go on a trip when you’re going to places like the Caribbean or Hawaii, because this is perfect for you for the winter time too. Because in the wintertime, it turns more soapy and there’s nothing better than smelling fresh and clean. If you haven’t tried it, definitely pick some up: it’s an amazing fragrance if you’re at all into citrus scented fragrances. This is going to do it for you: it’s sweet and citrusy. So again, Diptyque’s L’Eau de Neroli and check it out. There should be links at the bottom of my video, click on them, it’ll take you to the website, www.manlovescologne.com and there you can pick up a bottle yourself. Please give me some thumbs up, and if you have any questions, put it in the comments and I’ll definitely be back with more videos very soon. Thanks so much, you guys have a good one, see you later, goodbye!

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