Dior Homme Eau Fragrance Review

Dior Homme Eau Fragrance Review


This is my Dior Homme Eau Fragrance Review. I was very excited about this new fragrance release called Dior Homme Eau by Christian Dior. Since I had just discovered Dior Homme Intense and fell in love with it instantly I had to try and perhaps purchase Dior Homme Eau. Macy’s is marketing the heck out of Dior Homme Eau and each time I entered Macy’s I was approached by the sales associates to try the new Dior Homme Eau. Mind you I don’t shop at Macy’s that frequently but I go in because I use the USPS inside the Macy’s here in San Francisco.

I tried Dior Homme Eau at Macy’s and thought this is pretty similar to Dior Homme Intense which I own or even perhaps a bit more like Dior Homme which I have smelled but do not own. I decided to go ahead and do a purchase of Dior Homme Eau. Unfortunately once I started wearing it I started noticing marine or sea notes come through with this fragrance. And I’m not really a big fan of marine or sea notes in fragrances. The good thing is Dior Homme Eau comes off like a watered down version of the Dior Homme Intense that I have. And every so often you do get those marine notes but the disappointing thing about Dior Homme Eau is that it dries down to a boring everyday average fragrance that you can pick up for cheap at the drugstore. Nothing to write home about here it’s plan Jane. If you have a chance to sniff out the whole line from Dior of the Dior Hommes do so if this is the only Dior Homme flanker you can get then this might do you just fine but I think Dior Homme Intense is the king of the Dior Homme’s in my opinion. The drydown in Dior Homme Eau loses all the iris and becomes this boring old generic fragrance that you can find in a lot of boring generic fragrances. This is nothing to write home about and is a disappointment! 🙁

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