Costume National Homme Fragrance Review

Costume National Homme Fragrance Review

This is a Woody Aromatic fragrance with dominant notes of cinnamon and cloves with patchouli and sandalwood and citruses. It’s one of the best designer fragrances I have purchased for a long long time and Costume National Homme is niche quality and could easily be worth double what it’s selling for.

Seriously the nose behind Costume National Homme is Dominique Ropion who is the nose behind Portrait Of A Lady by Frederic Malle and you can see some similarities with the two dominant notes of both fragrances, cinnamon and cloves. But it does stop there as both fragrances take on a life of their own.

If you’ve been wanting to check out Costume National Homme then now is the time as this is an excellent fragrance and would be perfect to wear in the fall and winter! Thanks for watching.

Costume National Homme Fragrance Review from Man Loves Cologne on Vimeo.

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