Christian Dior Leather Oud Fragrance Review

Christian Dior Leather Oud Fragrance Review


Dior Leather Oud from the Dior Priveee Collection is such a complicated and controversial fragrance so I had to really stop and think about it before reviewing this fragrances. It’s very tough to wear also as I have to really think about my whole day before putting it on because I get reactions from folks that are not all positive.

If you do not know about Dior Leather Oud then you must because the dominant note in it is Civet. If you do not know what Civet is then watch video to find out more. If you know Civet you either like it or hate it.

What do I think about Dior Leather Oud? Watch video to find out. For a quality fragrance Dior Leather Oud rocks it’s one of the best but smell wise??? Watch to find out now!

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