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New Haarlem by Bond No. 9 Fragrance For Men And Women


New Haarlem by Bond No. 9 Review by Man Loves Cologne

Hey I am back with another great fragrance review and today I have got a great one, something that I have fallen in love with recently and I just cannot get enough of this stuff. It is so good, you almost want to eat this stuff up. Okay so what is it, it is Bond No.9’s New Haarlem. This baby right here, a beautiful bottle (pictured above), So packaging for Bond No.9 is like this. it is a beautiful boxes with the New York city logo here, Bond No.9 here, this beautiful logo right here and this particular bottle in here is a 3.3 fluid ounce. This bottle is the one that I have been using, the free one that I have received. So let’s go ahead and open this up here.

Take out the plastic and then got a little nice Styrofoam packaging here and finally this is the actual bottle with the cap so since I love this stuff so much I think I can get this, buy another bottle for a gift for the holidays since they are just round the corner and get the free one. I start out using the free one and then later, since I put a lot of it on and then later on I will go right to the, the nice unused one. So all Bond No.9 colognes come with this carton here and when you send that in, you get some really nice gifts sent to you, fragrance samples, all kinds of goodies. So if you are at all going to get this fragrance, make sure you send this little card because you will be put on the mailing list and if you are a fan of fragrances and colognes like me, you are going to want to receive this one little fragrance. Anyways since I can’t put that back in, * so that is the box for Bond No.9. again like I said this a 3.3 fluid ounce like this.

It is a clear bottle with a golden colored juice in there. Bond No.9 has many, many fragrances and they have different, different bottles, all kinds of designs, a lot of them are clear but a lot of them tend to be white and colorful, bright and rainbow colors, just you name it. All kinds of wonderful designs so Bond No. 9, New Haarlem was launched in 2003. The nose behind it is Maurice Roucel. Okay the reason I like Bond No.9’s New Haarlem is one main note in here which the most dominant note and that is coffee. You put this up on and it almost taste like, it doesn’t taste like, it almost smells like chocolate milk but without the chocolate, vanilla coffee of course, coco, all that stuff, cinnamon and you know cannabin at the store although I don’t really care for that smell as much as I absolutely adore this fragrance and the smell.

The notes, so the top notes we have bergamot, lavender and lots of green leaves. Middle notes is of course the coffee, the main dominant note and cidar and then finally amber which I absolutely love, vanilla I love but I don’t like my vanilla to be too dominant not a huge, huge fan of vanilla but I do tend to like it, mixed with others so. So we have got base notes we have got amber, vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli which is one of my all time favorite notes in fragrances.

So what is it about this fragrance? It is one of those Gourmand fragrances that you just kind of once you take us with a bit, it kind of takes you over, kind of like just puts you in a trance and you kind of want to keep putting it on so it is one those fragrances like Thierry Mugler’s A Man, although not as strong and not as powerful. This is a little more feminine, lighter but still it has got a lot of Gourmand food notes. Maybe even pure malt or pure heaven, even perhaps Chergui by Serge Lutens, this is just an amazing fragrance. So let’s try some on.

Right here, immediately you put it on, you get the coffee but you get amber, vanilla and patchouli all blended in for this magnificent smell that you just kind of, just get caught up in and you just want more so when I wear this I usually wear it in the evening but you know I like to wear it during the day. I increase the amount of sprays that I do at night, during the day I like to want it at the most two but night time I can go four or five because it is just that good and when you do four five, you are going to keep it with you until the next day. Like let’s say you did it like at 7 at night, you are going to take it with you until the following morning when you wake up. You will still have some of the smell on you but not that strong. It doesn’t last as much as something like Angel, Thierry Mugler A man or something stronger like that but it is a pretty strong fragrance. So, Bond No.9, New Haarlem, if you haven’t tried it, do try it because if you are a fan of gourmands, this thing is going to take you over and you are going to be just caught up in and hypnotized by the smell because that is what happens with me when I put this stuff on. It is a beautiful bottle, it is the star shape that is for all of their bottles. They have probably got like fifty bottles of different fragrances. I am not a huge fan of a lot of their others. There is a couple of here and there that I like from the Bond No.9 collection but this is going to be with me for a long time because I just, I could eat this stuff up. It is just that good. I put it on, I mean I even carry a bottle with me now that I two bottles. I might carry this bottle with me places that I go, I could spray some on because it is, it is that good. If I go on a trip, I will definitely take the, this bottle, figure out a cap on or something but because if I am gone for a while, I want to make sure I have enough of that juice with me because it is that good and now that it is winter, it is so perfect to wear this stuff, you know you put it on, you wear it, put on a coat, walk around in the streets, go shopping, Christmas shopping and things like that and you are going to just be in love with this stuff and you know people are going to ask you what it is because, I was wearing it at a couple of nights ago and a friend of mine who doesn’t even wear cologne was so into, was asking me what is that you are wearing. He and his wife, his wife does wear some fragrances but he doesn’t but he was actually just totally in love with the fragrance. He is asking me where do you get this up stuff and all, I was like you know what, the only place that sells this stuff is Sack if you want to go shopping or you can you know find the stuff on places like or even other places. I am sure a lot of online retailers do carry it but if you are going to go shop for it in the store, in the city, I believe the only place that carries it is exclusively Sacks.

So here we go, I am smelling the Bond No.9, New Haarlem again and the coffee has dried down. I am getting a little more vanilla and Amber notes and finally I am getting the patchouli which I absolutely love. Patchouli is one of those fragrances that people kind of get turned off by because you know, you associate with hippies and things like that but it I definitely not. I mean there are a lot of fragrances that I have that have patchouli and I absolutely love this stuff so I just cannot get enough of this stuff so there you have it guys. Bond No.9’s New Haarlem, very awesome fragrance, it is just amazing, perfect for fall and winter, perfect for the holidays because it is almost like a holiday desert that is what I get from the fragrance. It is like you are wearing a * cake or a caramel cake, caramel pie, I don’t know but anything that has a lot of sweets in it, that is what I am getting with this fragrance. Although it is not so sweet that it is going to be like you know, make your teeth raw, it is not that sweet but it is beautifully sweet fragrance that just enough sweet and perfect for a winter, winter wear.

I think Bond No.9 would be perfect for holiday events and parties and dinners and all that good stuff because it will kind of blend in with some of the fragrances although you know you want to stand out but I think you will definitely stand up because of patchouli and amber will come out even though the vanilla and the coffee are there. I think you will totally stand out with, when it is dried out. So let’s see there you have it Bond No.9 New Haarlem amazingly amazing fragrance, launched in 2003 again. It was, the nose behind it is Maurice Roucel. So thanks guys, thanks for watching, tune in again, real soon we will have more reviews and please give me some comment, give me thumbs up and let me know if you are interested in any other fragrance reviews, although I have got such a back log with fragrance that I want to do, not lying too many fragrances right now until I am kind of done with everything I have so but I will eventually get to the fragrances that you want reviewed. So I love doing it. I am a huge fragrance fan. I have been wearing fragrance since I was little kid, inspired by my dad wearing fragrances from his * with the citrus fragrances and lavender types of fragrances I use to bring back and ever since then I have been a huge fan and I will do a lot more of these videos so stay tuned, give me a thumbs up and visit, link is below and until next time, have a good one. See you buh bye.


Eau de Gingembre (Ginger) by Roger & Gallet Review


Eau de Gingembre (Ginger) Review by Man Love Cologne

Hey everyone. This is Sebastian with, got another great cologne review for you today. This time we are going to the house of Roger and Gallet of France, Paris France with Ginger, Gingembre. Very, very light, very nice fragrance, perfect for any time of the day. I would say mostly for day time or summer time but it is a very refreshing fragrance to wear. If you are put off by very strong colognes, this is, this is the one to get or any of the Roger and Gallet line but the Ginger is very, very nice. I, as soon as I put it on I get like a gingerial kind of an experience but definitely it is citrusy gingerial and then the dry down I get more things like musk and amber but anyway let’s go over some of the notes. So basically the notes you get not many, ginger, bergamot, neroli which I love neroli. It is the, orange blossom, benzoin and ambrette are the main notes in this excellent cologne. It is not a perfume, it is just basically a cologne so it is not going to last too long. So if you are looking for something to, to wear at the office to smell little nicer then this definitely is the one to work with. Let’s try some on.

It has got a, it is a masculine fragrance but I think it is definitely a unisex fragrance, women and men can wear this but immediately I get a very gingery kind of a bubbly smell when I put it on my arm here. With a  little bit of the bergamot in there and then right after that I get some of the floral notes of the neroli but this probably is more of a mature scent, a mature scent where older, entrant would be into, not so much the young crowd. I mean it is definitely alive, it is more or like the lines of colognes and fragrances that the younger people will like but this is not going to have lasting power. I would say two to three hours at the most is what you are going to get out of Gingembre from Roger and Gallet. But which is fine, you can carry a bottle with you and spray it throughout the day, one spray here and then another spray there. So anyway Roger and Gallet Ginger is a perfect cologne to wear during the day, office or something to wear throughout the house because it is not going to be over killed with the scents. So that is basically it, Roger and Gallet’s Ginger. It is the perfect cologne to wear throughout the day, day or night, not so much night of course but if you are put off with really strong scents, night time it will work for you but it is definitely a day time that Roger and Gallet’s Ginger is going to work. Day time, summer, spring, maybe even fall but I would say spring, summer again I myself, would wear it anytime. I love fragrance so Ginger is one of my favorites. That is basically it guys. Thanks for watching, go ahead and give me a thumbs up, put some reviews up for me and click the link at the bottom of this video and it will take you to our website where you can find links to get yourself some bottles of Roger and Gallet’s Ginger or any of their other fragrances that I have reviewed. This is Sebastian with, thanks so much and see you next time, have a good one. Bye.


Egoiste Platinum by Chanel for Men

Platinum Egoiste by Chanel for Men Cologne

Hi everyone this is Sebastian with Today I would like to discuss with you this absolutely fabulous cologne that I have been getting back into wearing called Chanel Egoiste Platinum. Chanel Egoiste Platinum came out in 1993 and I immediately fell in love with it and after the end of the nineties towards the end of the nineties I kind of fell out of love with it because of all the cool hip colognes like Dolce And Gabbana and all the Moschino and all the colognes that I was trying out at that time, kind of was fizzling away from Chanel Egoiste Platinum but all of a sudden the last couple of years I have been kind of going back to the cologne centers and department stores and places like Sephora and just trying it out and just trying it out and I started to fall in love with it again and finally I decided to go ahead and get it and I have to say I am absolutely digging this cologne again. It is the perfect masculine scent.

Anyway Chanel Platinum Egoiste or Chanel Egoiste Platinum comes in a beautiful silver minimalist looking box. Check out the photo above. This is the Eau De Toilette 3.4 fluid ounces or 100 milliliters and basically I have been using it but I saved the box so that I can do the video above. It is, like I said a very minimal silver packaging and the design of the bottle is also very simple and minimalist. And you have got the famous Chanel logo right there with simple Chanel design and then you have the Platinum Egoiste written right there above the logo.

Anyway let’s put a quick spray on my wrist here and then rub it on my other wrist and then put some on my neck here. Chanel Platinum Egoiste was developed in 1993, it was released in 1993 and the nose behind it is Jacques Polge. The top notes are Rosemary, lavender, neroli and petitgrain. The middle notes are Galbanum, clary sage, jasmine and geranium and finally the base notes are amber, sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar. Some of my favorite notes in fragrances are things like vetiver, lavender, rosemary, neroli all of these notes I am drawn to. I love any fragrances that consist of these notes. They are fresh kind of scents when fragrances contain these notes. And Chanel Egoiste Platinum is a very fresh masculine scent. It is somewhat on the conservative side so any younger guys in their twenties or you know teens would probably think that Chanel Platinum Egoiste is going to be a bit too conservative for them. But I think if they give it a try they might dig it but any guys in their thirties on probably to even seventies and so on would probably dig this awesome fragrance scent. It is just beautiful it is a very nice, pleasant scent. You can wear it up for work during the day you can wear it in the evening, to go out, to dinners or even clubs. It does last about five to six hours. I think after that you kind of get some faint little scents here and there with the dry down of the fragrance. But it kind of fizzles away after that but I think when you are walking around doing some movements or when your body is moving, I think you can kind of get some faint light whiffs of the lingering scent of the fragrance. So it is not too long lasting but it is, it lasts almost the whole entire work day if you want to call it that.

Anyway some folks have said that Chanel Platinum Egoiste reminds them of an Abercrombie and Fitch fragrance and I have been thinking about this and I don’t think that is true. I mean it has a faint similarity to it but it is complete different kind of a cologne. Abercrombie tends to be a little annoying because they over do it in the stores and when you end up in the department and you end up in a shopping center there is the department store and all that and there’s and Abercrombie store and you kind of smell the annoying Abercrombie and Fitch fragrance or cologne whenever they spray it in the stores. It is totally not the same. Chanel Egoiste Platinum is a beautiful, beautiful scent. Some folks say it’s for spring or summer I like it all year around. I don’t think it is too strong and it, you can wear it in the spring and summer. I specially love it in the fall, right now it is perfect and it is the perfect time for me to pick up a bottle of this cologne and wear it in the fall and then of course you can wear it in the winter too. It lasts, it lasts pretty nicely. The bottle goes for the hundred milliliter or 3.4 ounce bottle of Chanel Egoiste Platinum goes for about ninety dollars so it is a great, perfect deal, it is just every man should have a bottle of this, anything in their thirties and above should have a bottle of this cologne in their collection. It is a timeless classic and I am so glad to have rediscovered it again. I mean there are some fragrances that come out during an era and you never want to go back to but for some reason I kept sniffing this over and over again I just go loving it so I wanted to go back and purchase it again. I am glad I finally did and I am glad I am going to add to my collection of colognes and that I can pick from.

Sometimes I will smell like Chanel Egoiste Platinum a little more conservative sometimes I go with something like an Angel from Thierry Mugler so it is all over the place but I do like a stronger scent and this definitely is from a scale of one to ten probably anywhere between seven and eight for longer lasting fragrance type. Anyway if you want, if you like to pick up a bottle click here. Thanks again and look for our fragrance review and  video very soon.

Chanel Platinum Egoiste Review Podcast

4711 – Best Fresh Very Light Unisex Fragrance

4711 – Best Fresh Very Light Unisex Fragrance

Hi every one this Sebastian with How are you? Today I would like to review one of my favorite and my all time favorite very light scented colognes, unisex cologne for men or women and that is 4711, very simple German made cologne that has been around since late seventeen hundreds and lets go over. 4711 Eau De Cologne by Maurer and Wirtz that was created in 1792 the nose is Muelhens. The top notes in 4711 are orange oil, peach, basil, bergamot and lemon. The middle notes are cyclamen, lily, melon, jasmine and Bulgarian rose. And finally the base notes are defined patchouli, Tahitian vetiver, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss and cedar.

Anyway this is a very nice pleasant orange blossomy, orange neroli type of fragrance that is very, very, very light. This would be perfect for anyone that is not looking for something too strong. It is light, it doesn’t last too long but you have got the very nice sweet scented fragrance that is perfect for after a shower basically just spray it some all over your body and you are going to smell really nice for an hour or two but after an hour or two I think this fragrance is completely gone. So 4711 makes perfect cologne to just keep around in your bag or in your desk or something if you want a little spritz here and there. It would make it a perfect time to just spray-yourself some here and there like I said. It is perfect for like a work type of a situation if you are working at a place where there are folks that don’t like really heavy scents or are allergic to scents or just can’t handle the scents because I really love strong colognes but I do occasionally run into folks that just don’t like cologne so this is what I use, 4711, it is very light, it is very sweet, it doesn’t put off anyone. It blends well with my body chemistry and kind of run on my clothes and in a hour or two later it is almost completely gone and you have no trace of this 4711 and that is why when you carry some around with you, you just basically spray some around on you a little bit more and then you feel start smelling fresh again. I definitely get orange, orange type of a orange blossom or orange fruit fragrance when this is sprayed. Let’s try some of it now, do a couple *since it is very light. It has got a very soapy element type of feel or nose as well. Any type of soaps that you would really like the strong smelling soaps that you like kind of gives me the feeling of this 4711.

Also once this is kind of dried down I get the, * I get very, very light * kind of a weedy, kind of a mossy oakmoss is one of the ingredients in this so the notes anyway. Cedar is also kind of present but it is kind of wearing out already. I mean I get kind of little traces of it here and there but it is not strong it is definitely a perfect cologne for the person that doesn’t want something really strong so if you are turned off by really strong fragrances I am a huge fan of big strong fragrances. I love that Thierry Mugler Angel, Chanel Egoist type of colognes but I occasionally run into situations where I am going out partying or any friend or maybe even like a client situation where you are going to meet some clients you might want to just skip putting on the stronger scents and put some of this on and you will just be pleasantly sweet smelling but not putting anybody off. So here it is again 4711 old historic cologne from late seventeen hundreds like it is from 1792, the nose behind this fragrance is Wilhelm Muelhens so if you are looking for something new and you are looking something light definitely try 4711. It is an old vintage looking bottle. This one is the, I can’t even see the size but three fluid ounces, ninety milliliters. Picked it up in Germany on my last trip, several bottles of it because I go through a lot of it really quickly but go to our site and there should be a link to where you can purchase this. I know not everyone sells it and you can’t get 4711 at department stores and places like that but we have links on our site where you can pick it up. Thanks again. Give us a review. Give us a thumbs up, link should be at the bottom of the video and definitely subscribe to our channel. We will be adding more videos soon.

Well I also mentioned, we are talking about neroli, I forgot to mention this wonderful fragrance that we will do review of by Diptyque called L’Eau De Neroli it is wonderful, it is a wonderful scent but if you like 4711 and you want something a little stronger you can definitely step up and try this. it is like 4711 just elevated like a thousand times. It is strong, sweet and it lasts. This thing lasts most all day like seven hours, six to seven hours. It is a perfect scent. It is very summery so right now since it is fall I am not sure if it will work but I wear all my all colognes anytime of the year. I don’t really say okay this is one is perfect for the summer, I will stick to wearing it only in the summer time but I will wear my Egoist platinum in the summer time I will wear my Thierry Mugler Angel in the summer time and I will also wear it in the winter time so it is just how I feel but if you like 4711 definitely try L’Eau De Neroli by Diptyque. See the video here.  Anyway thanks again. Subscribe to our channel. We will be back with more videos soon. Have a good one, good bye.

4711 – Best Fresh Very Light Unisex Fragrance

4711 Eaude Cologne Review Podcast