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Jacques Bogart Bogart Pour Homme Fragrance Review

Jacques Bogart Bogart Pour Homme Fragrance Review

Jacques Bogart Bogart Pour Homme was a late discovery for me. It was released in 2004 and was composed by the well known nose Maurice Roucel along with Norbert Bijaoui. Those of you that have heard of Maurice Roucel will know that he’s got some very popular fragrances under his belt like Frederic Malle’s Musc Ravageur and Nautica’s Voyage among many other popular fragrances. So when I discovered this fragrance I knew it was going to be great. So when I received it I was immediately blown away by how great it is.

Jacques Bogart Bogart Pour Homme is a big barbershoppy style fragrance with a big dominant note of Tonka Bean. So you get patchouli, lavender and the tonka bean sweetens this fragrance up a bit. Jacques Bogart Bogart Pour Homme has excellent performance with awesome longevity and big projection. And for 20 dollars it’s a steal. Try this fragrance now you wont be disappointed.


By Kilian Travel To Shanghai

By Kilian Travel To Shanghai


By Kilian – Travel To Shanghai Promotion

I love the By Kilian atomizer and the Travel To Shanghai promotion is a great way to get into the wonderful world of By Kilian fragrances. The Travel To Shanghai comes in 4 different kits: Woody Harmony, Sweet Harmony, Fresh Harmony and Floral Harmony and each kit has the awesome By Kilian silver atomizer and 3 different fragrances. So these make great gifts for the coming holiday or just perfect for someone starting out with By Kilian. The atomizer can be refilled with more fragrances once you are through your 3! 🙂

Check them out they are great! Links are below to each kit!

San Francisco Fragrance Shopping Guide

San Francisco Fragrance Shopping Guide

San Francisco Fragrance Shopping Guide – Where To Buy Fragrances In San Francisco!

Visiting San Francisco and you love fragrances? Wanna know where to shop for what fragrances in San Francisco? Then this is your ultimate Fragrance Shopping Guide for San Francisco! Watch and learn where to find the fragrances you want.

San Francisco is a world class destination for shopping and fragrances should be at the top of your shopping list when visiting San Francisco!

San Francisco Fragrance Cologne Shopping Guide from Man Loves Cologne on Vimeo.

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Boss Bottled For Men By HUGO BOSS Eau De Toilette Spray

Boss Bottled For Men By HUGO BOSS Eau De Toilette Spray Review

Guess what? I’ve got another great fragrance review for you today so let’s get started. I’m going back into my fragrance closet again, pulling out some of my favorite fragrances. So today, I want to go over Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss. Boss Bottled is this. You’ve got the beautiful Boss logo right here, and then you’ve got Hugo Boss right over here, and then it’s a simple beautiful bottle, and I’ve been a fan of this fragrance for almost fifteen years now. So let me tell you a little bit about the history of Boss Bottled. It was kind of interesting; I was dining at a restaurant here in San Francisco probably early ’98, maybe sometime early to mid ’98 and I kept smelling this wonderful fragrance that I hadn’t smelled before coming from a table, so we had to finally ask this table what it is that we’re smelling because it was smelling so beautiful, spicy, and warm, and fruity all combined to make a beautiful luscious fragrance. Finally, the woman at the table answered in a very heavy German accent, and said it’s this new Boss Fragrance. It hadn’t yet arrived here, so unfortunately it was coming towards the end of the year but I had a friend visit Germany, and he was able to pick some up, so ever since 1998, I’ve been a pretty big fan of this Boss fragrance. So I’ve gone through several bottles and I’ve just picked some up recently while I was in Germany, really inexpensively – thirty five… Thirty euros, I think this was, so probably about fifty dollars, a 1.7 oz. But I guess, this fragrance, Boss Bottled is kind of bordering Gourmand, because it’s got the fruity and vanilla notes in it. But let’s go over some of the notes in it and see why it might be bordering gourmand.

Boss Bottled was introduced in 1998. The nose is Annick Menardo. So the top notes for Boss Bottled are apples, you get a big whiff of apples when I spray it, lemon, bergamot, plum, geranium, oak moss; for the middle notes, you’ve got mahogany, carnation, and cinnamon – that’s a key note right there. I get lots of apples and cinnamon, almost… not an edible kind of a pie, but a very green kind of pie essence or smell. And then finally, in the bass notes, we’ve got sandalwood, which is also another keynote I get a lot of sandalwood in this fragrance, olive tree, not sure I get much of olive tree, vanilla, big vanilla, cedar, and vetiver. Those are the notes in Boss Bottled right here.

Throughout the years, I’ve worn several bottles of Boss… I guess the original was Hugo Boss way back in the mid 80’s. I was a young one back then, I think it was my dad’s, but I truly love that fragrance: it was a woody, chipper kind of fragrance. I don’t know if they still make it, but I remember wearing it from my dad. Later in ‘94, there was another Boss that was introduced. I was a huge fan of that one, but I’m drawing a blank with the name. It’s kind of like a flask; it’s got a hanging top… Hugo Boss, Hugo, but gosh, the name is escaping me right now, but I wore that Boss fragrance as well. I was a huge fan of it in ’94 or ’95. It was a heavy mint fragrance, but I kind of got tired of that one – I’m glad this one was introduced, because this thing was and is my favorite Hugo Boss fragrance. I’ve tried others; after this, I think there was an orange one, kind of shaped like a circle, a round… orange and silver bottle. Boss in Motion is what it’s called.  I liked it, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, too heavy on the orange, I think, just didn’t work for me. When I like citrus, I like it to be a little sharper, but this has, even though this has lemon and bergamot, it’s a sweet, almost like candy but not quite. So that’s why I say it’s almost bordering gourmand, but it’s not quite, because you’ve got the… What do you call it, the woodsyness, and the warm, spicy, fruity combination, but still, it’s not quite a true gourmand. Now, Boss is doing a lot of different fragrances, and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find another favorite of mine But there is another fragrance that I really love, It’s kind of similar, it’s this wonderful bottle by Diptyque, Boulevard St. Germain 34, sorry, I’m not really good with French so I can’t pronounce the 34, but it’s the address where the original Diptyque store in Paris is. But this thing kind of reminds me of Boss as a bottled fragrance, but whereas this is more fruity, woodsy, warm, spicy, fruity; this is woodsy, warm, spicy, and floral. So it’s a little different, but when I take a whiff of each, I pretty much get the same notes, whereas this one gets a little more cinnamon-y and fruity, this gets more floral, they’re both beautiful fragrances. If you’re not familiar with 34, you should definitely check it out. But let’s try some of this Boss Bottled on.

Two sprays… wow. It’s a beautiful scent. What I get is the apples, the vanilla, and I also get the… a little bit of the citrus, the lemon/bergamot combo. But then the cinnamon is kind of intensifying now, and then I get some of that sandalwood in there as well. I think this fragrance, Boss Bottled will last you, if you do like two or three sprays, will last you five to seven hours; I think if you do a little more and spray a bunch on your sweater or shirt, you’ll get it going with you for the whole day. It’s warmer, longer lasting fragrance compared to other fragrances like Boss’ other line, other genres.

So Boss Bottled is, wonderful, warm and spicy fragrance with lots of woody notes. What else can I say about this? It just always stays with me. I tend to be drawn to either the warm, spicy fragrances – I love the gourmands; and to the other extreme, I love the citruses, summery kind of fragrances that are heavy on the citrus, heavy on the neroli. So when I find a favorite fragrance, I stick with it, and I’ve been a fan of this one for almost 15 years now, I’m so glad to have discovered it. So Boss Bottled is this right here, if you haven’t tried it, check it out. If you are at all interested in spicy and apples mixed together, it’s going to be your fragrance. Wow. It’s such a beautiful fragrance, I still remember that day dining in the restaurant here in San Francisco, with the woman wearing this, and it’s mostly a masculine scent for men but I think women can get away with this, it’s not too masculine, it’s got a slight femininity to it, so it’s beautiful. So check it out: visit , there should be a video up for this, there should be a review, and some links to where you can pick up your own bottle of Boss Bottled or any of the fragrance reviews that I’ve done. Thanks so much for watching, give me a heads –give me a thumbs up and give me any reviews or any questions you might have down below in the comments section, and definitely give me a thumbs up guys, thanks so much for watching, I will see you again in the near future with another video. Take care, have a good one, goodbye.

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9 Fragrance For Men And Women


New Haarlem by Bond No. 9 Review by Man Loves Cologne

Hey I am back with another great fragrance review and today I have got a great one, something that I have fallen in love with recently and I just cannot get enough of this stuff. It is so good, you almost want to eat this stuff up. Okay so what is it, it is Bond No.9’s New Haarlem. This baby right here, a beautiful bottle (pictured above), So packaging for Bond No.9 is like this. it is a beautiful boxes with the New York city logo here, Bond No.9 here, this beautiful logo right here and this particular bottle in here is a 3.3 fluid ounce. This bottle is the one that I have been using, the free one that I have received. So let’s go ahead and open this up here.

Take out the plastic and then got a little nice Styrofoam packaging here and finally this is the actual bottle with the cap so since I love this stuff so much I think I can get this, buy another bottle for a gift for the holidays since they are just round the corner and get the free one. I start out using the free one and then later, since I put a lot of it on and then later on I will go right to the, the nice unused one. So all Bond No.9 colognes come with this carton here and when you send that in, you get some really nice gifts sent to you, fragrance samples, all kinds of goodies. So if you are at all going to get this fragrance, make sure you send this little card because you will be put on the mailing list and if you are a fan of fragrances and colognes like me, you are going to want to receive this one little fragrance. Anyways since I can’t put that back in, * so that is the box for Bond No.9. again like I said this a 3.3 fluid ounce like this.

It is a clear bottle with a golden colored juice in there. Bond No.9 has many, many fragrances and they have different, different bottles, all kinds of designs, a lot of them are clear but a lot of them tend to be white and colorful, bright and rainbow colors, just you name it. All kinds of wonderful designs so Bond No. 9, New Haarlem was launched in 2003. The nose behind it is Maurice Roucel. Okay the reason I like Bond No.9’s New Haarlem is one main note in here which the most dominant note and that is coffee. You put this up on and it almost taste like, it doesn’t taste like, it almost smells like chocolate milk but without the chocolate, vanilla coffee of course, coco, all that stuff, cinnamon and you know cannabin at the store although I don’t really care for that smell as much as I absolutely adore this fragrance and the smell.

The notes, so the top notes we have bergamot, lavender and lots of green leaves. Middle notes is of course the coffee, the main dominant note and cidar and then finally amber which I absolutely love, vanilla I love but I don’t like my vanilla to be too dominant not a huge, huge fan of vanilla but I do tend to like it, mixed with others so. So we have got base notes we have got amber, vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli which is one of my all time favorite notes in fragrances.

So what is it about this fragrance? It is one of those Gourmand fragrances that you just kind of once you take us with a bit, it kind of takes you over, kind of like just puts you in a trance and you kind of want to keep putting it on so it is one those fragrances like Thierry Mugler’s A Man, although not as strong and not as powerful. This is a little more feminine, lighter but still it has got a lot of Gourmand food notes. Maybe even pure malt or pure heaven, even perhaps Chergui by Serge Lutens, this is just an amazing fragrance. So let’s try some on.

Right here, immediately you put it on, you get the coffee but you get amber, vanilla and patchouli all blended in for this magnificent smell that you just kind of, just get caught up in and you just want more so when I wear this I usually wear it in the evening but you know I like to wear it during the day. I increase the amount of sprays that I do at night, during the day I like to want it at the most two but night time I can go four or five because it is just that good and when you do four five, you are going to keep it with you until the next day. Like let’s say you did it like at 7 at night, you are going to take it with you until the following morning when you wake up. You will still have some of the smell on you but not that strong. It doesn’t last as much as something like Angel, Thierry Mugler A man or something stronger like that but it is a pretty strong fragrance. So, Bond No.9, New Haarlem, if you haven’t tried it, do try it because if you are a fan of gourmands, this thing is going to take you over and you are going to be just caught up in and hypnotized by the smell because that is what happens with me when I put this stuff on. It is a beautiful bottle, it is the star shape that is for all of their bottles. They have probably got like fifty bottles of different fragrances. I am not a huge fan of a lot of their others. There is a couple of here and there that I like from the Bond No.9 collection but this is going to be with me for a long time because I just, I could eat this stuff up. It is just that good. I put it on, I mean I even carry a bottle with me now that I two bottles. I might carry this bottle with me places that I go, I could spray some on because it is, it is that good. If I go on a trip, I will definitely take the, this bottle, figure out a cap on or something but because if I am gone for a while, I want to make sure I have enough of that juice with me because it is that good and now that it is winter, it is so perfect to wear this stuff, you know you put it on, you wear it, put on a coat, walk around in the streets, go shopping, Christmas shopping and things like that and you are going to just be in love with this stuff and you know people are going to ask you what it is because, I was wearing it at a couple of nights ago and a friend of mine who doesn’t even wear cologne was so into, was asking me what is that you are wearing. He and his wife, his wife does wear some fragrances but he doesn’t but he was actually just totally in love with the fragrance. He is asking me where do you get this up stuff and all, I was like you know what, the only place that sells this stuff is Sack if you want to go shopping or you can you know find the stuff on places like or even other places. I am sure a lot of online retailers do carry it but if you are going to go shop for it in the store, in the city, I believe the only place that carries it is exclusively Sacks.

So here we go, I am smelling the Bond No.9, New Haarlem again and the coffee has dried down. I am getting a little more vanilla and Amber notes and finally I am getting the patchouli which I absolutely love. Patchouli is one of those fragrances that people kind of get turned off by because you know, you associate with hippies and things like that but it I definitely not. I mean there are a lot of fragrances that I have that have patchouli and I absolutely love this stuff so I just cannot get enough of this stuff so there you have it guys. Bond No.9’s New Haarlem, very awesome fragrance, it is just amazing, perfect for fall and winter, perfect for the holidays because it is almost like a holiday desert that is what I get from the fragrance. It is like you are wearing a * cake or a caramel cake, caramel pie, I don’t know but anything that has a lot of sweets in it, that is what I am getting with this fragrance. Although it is not so sweet that it is going to be like you know, make your teeth raw, it is not that sweet but it is beautifully sweet fragrance that just enough sweet and perfect for a winter, winter wear.

I think Bond No.9 would be perfect for holiday events and parties and dinners and all that good stuff because it will kind of blend in with some of the fragrances although you know you want to stand out but I think you will definitely stand up because of patchouli and amber will come out even though the vanilla and the coffee are there. I think you will totally stand out with, when it is dried out. So let’s see there you have it Bond No.9 New Haarlem amazingly amazing fragrance, launched in 2003 again. It was, the nose behind it is Maurice Roucel. So thanks guys, thanks for watching, tune in again, real soon we will have more reviews and please give me some comment, give me thumbs up and let me know if you are interested in any other fragrance reviews, although I have got such a back log with fragrance that I want to do, not lying too many fragrances right now until I am kind of done with everything I have so but I will eventually get to the fragrances that you want reviewed. So I love doing it. I am a huge fragrance fan. I have been wearing fragrance since I was little kid, inspired by my dad wearing fragrances from his * with the citrus fragrances and lavender types of fragrances I use to bring back and ever since then I have been a huge fan and I will do a lot more of these videos so stay tuned, give me a thumbs up and visit, link is below and until next time, have a good one. See you buh bye.