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Which Deodorants To Use With Fragrances?

Which Deodorants To Use With Fragrances?

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Wondering which deodorants to use when you are wearing fragrances so they don’t clash? Are you also concerned about the safety of some of the deodorants that you might be using? This is a video I decided to put together after a subscriber of mine sent me an email asking me this question.

I want to make sure my deodorants do not clash with my fragrances and I’m also concerned about the safety of some of the deodorants out there. Watch this video to find out what I do. And what do you when it comes to deodorants?

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Lucky Tiger Deodorant & Body Spray For Men

Lucky Tiger Vetiver Review

Hi everyone, this is Sebastian with I wanted to switch gears a bit today and go over – do a review over Lucky Tiger Men’s Deodorant that I’ve been using for a while. It’s one of the best things that I’ve found – I found it online and I’ve just been using it and it’s got a wonderful, wonderful fragrance. So Lucky Tiger by… Lucky Tiger, I guess, products. It’s called Head to Tail Clean and Fresh Vetiver and Rosewood Deodorant. It comes in a beautiful little plastic bottle, sells for about fifteen dollars, and it’s a very very fresh lightly scented vetiver deodorant. You can use it under your arms and you can also use it all over your body. It’s got a very light, short lasting fragrance; kind of like a 47-11 strength fragrance where it’s cologne, but it doesn’t last too long. But it’s a wonderful earthy, green, musky, kind of a fragrance that I really really enjoy. Head to Tail is what it’s called, deodorant and body spray, you can smell clean and fresh from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet – that’s why it’s called Head to Tail. Spray Lucky Tiger Deodorant and Body Spray to your underarms and body to get a long lasting refreshing scent. Spray again in the evening for an invigorating lift. It’s just a wonderful fragrance. I’ve tried a lot of different deodorants and they tend to be leaving this filmy white residue sometimes under your arms. This is a very gentle spray, I actually use it at the gym after a workout in the shower and it kind of just has a very refreshing smell to it, I get asked what that smell is from guys at the gym.

What I also like to do is, since this is vetiver, I really love to combine it with my Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. It kinda complements each other; I really love the smell of the Tom Ford along with – after I’ve sprayed the Lucky Tiger under my arms. The other thing I like to do is mix it with my Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne. As you can see, I’ve got hardly any, little bit left here. For some reason, the Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne works perfectly with my vetiver deodorant. Alright, so let’s see, let me spray some of this deodorant on my arm, it’s a brand new bottle that I just ordered.

It totally reminds me of Guerlain’s Vetiver fragrance from years and years ago. It’s wonderful, it’s not overpowering, it’s very light. Those of you that don’t like very strong cologne, this is perfect for you, because you’ll spray it all over your body you’ll feel really fresh: it’s not floral, it’s woodsy , it’s green, kind of musky, and it’s a very very gentle fragrance. So when I combine a little bit of Tom Ford’s Gray Vetiver on it, it really goes nicely together – it’s perfect. So if you haven’t heard of Lucky Tiger Head To Tail vetiver and rosewood deodorant, I suggest you might want to try it out, and if you have heard about it and haven’t really tried it out, do so! It’s perfect, it’s better that those over the counter products, I know it’s a little more expensive but it’s definitely worth it. You can go to and there should be a link to the Lucky Tiger deodorant and just go from there. I order mine from Amazon, it’s perfect. It ships to me in a couple of days. I just make sure when I’m running out, I order plenty of it to have on hand and I carry one with me in my gym bag, and one at home. So anyway, Lucky Tiger, Head to Tail vetiver and rosewood deodorant. It’s a wonderful product.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading, we’ll be back with another great fragrance review; sorry to change direction on you here, but just wanted everyone to know about this wonderful deodorant. It’s got that vetiver scent, if you like vetiver, you’re gonna love this product. Thanks so much. Oh, thanks, and give me a review, or subscribe to my channel, or give me a thumbs up. Thanks so much, goodbye!