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Should I Get Rid Of My Chanel Platinum Egoiste?

Should I Get Rid Of My Chanel Platinum Egoiste?

Just a quick video if I should get rid of this very popular fragrance for me called Platinum Egoiste by Chanel. It’s a great scent but I’m not grabbing for it much anymore if at all. I’ts just sitting in the back of my fragrance closet gathering dust.

So what do you say? Get rid of it or keep it and make a point of wearing this one? Please help!

How To Cut Open A Thierry Mugler A*Men Rubber Flask

How To Cut Open A Thierry Mugler A*Men Rubber Flask

I finally decided to buy Pure Leather by Thierry Mugler an A*Men flanker from a couple of years ago. I found such a great deal on the Pure Leather, it was $35 dollars. Got it in the mail and opened it up and found that it had leaked. The actual sprayer was broken or something and off the section it sprays from. So this gave me the idea to open cut open my Thierry Mugler A*Men bottle after I was told by Amazon I would get replacement bottle and to toss this bottle as I was unable to return it back to Amazon since they follow the USPS rules of no shipping back perfume. Great, huh? Watch how easy it is to cut open A Thierry Mugler A*Men Rubber Flask!

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Which Deodorants To Use With Fragrances?

Which Deodorants To Use With Fragrances?

how to

Wondering which deodorants to use when you are wearing fragrances so they don’t clash? Are you also concerned about the safety of some of the deodorants that you might be using? This is a video I decided to put together after a subscriber of mine sent me an email asking me this question.

I want to make sure my deodorants do not clash with my fragrances and I’m also concerned about the safety of some of the deodorants out there. Watch this video to find out what I do. And what do you when it comes to deodorants?

Thierry Mugler Cologne Review For Men And Women (Green Bottle)

Thierry Mugler Cologne Review (Green Bottle) – Thierry Mugler For Men And Women

Thierry Mugler Cologne Review

Thierry Mugler Cologne Review by Thierry Mugler by Man Loves Cologne

Hey everyone, it’s Sebastian with So, I’ve got the summer thing going; it’s winter here. It’s not that cold in San Francisco, but it gets cold here and there. But I thought we’d do a kind of summery thing because I’m craving warmer weather. One of my favorite fragrances of all time happens to be Thierry Mugler Cologne Review. I’m a huge fan of Thierry Mugler’s line of colognes ever since Amen Angel Man was introduced in ’96, I bought it in ’97, but I believe it was introduced in ’96. I’ve been buying all of the flankers that have come out as well as anything else that he has been releasing. He hasn’t done much outside of the Amen line, except for Cologne, and this is Thierry Mugler Cologne Review. I just love this fragrance. I’ve gone through probably seven to ten bottles of Cologne since the introduction in 2001 and I just can’t get enough of it. This is my go-to fragrance for the gym/shower because it’s not overpowering, it’s very refreshing, and it’s got a very soapy quality to it.

Rumor has it that Thierry Mugler was in Morocco and he came across a bar of soap or some kind of soap that he loved the fragrance or scent of and basically what he tried to do with Cologne was to remake that fragrance. So that’s the story on how Cologne came about. So Thierry Mugler’s Cologne was introduced in 2001. As soon as I smelled it, just before that it was only Amen, nothing else. Very strong, very beast-like fragrance, nothing else I’d been introduced to. This cologne was the complete opposite, very refreshing, very light, very soapy fragrance. So in 2001, the nose is Alberto Morillas. What we get in this fragrance is mostly citrus and lots of neroli and orange flowers. I think that’s basically pretty much it. So you’ve got neroli, bergamot, African orange flower, and then you have musk for the base note. That’s pretty much the notes in this fragrance. I think I’ve mentioned this many times and done videos, neroli happens to be one of my favorite favorite notes in a fragrance. I love citrus fragrances, and I think I’ve mentioned before, I like the heavy gourmand-y type of deep beast-like fragrances like Amen or very citrusy, the opposite end of the fragrances, where it’s kind of like a scale balance; sometimes I go for the citrusy, sometimes I go for the very strong intense fragrances. So neroli is one of my favorite notes, and this is basically all neroli, that’s what I get, but I get much more than that too: I get a lot of soapy quality that I do not get with other neroli-based fragrances. It’s such a great fragrance, it’s almost like whenever I put it on outside of the gym now, I always think that I just left the gym and I’m smelling like this stuff because it reminds me of it. As soon as it came out, that’s where I started wearing it, in the gym and it’s kind of like my signature gym fragrance now.

Continuing our Thierry Mugler Cologne Review I wanted to mention other fragrances that are similar, we’ve got Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte. I’m a huge fan of this one as well; I started wearing this before I started wearing Thierry Mugler’s Cologne. This has been around since the late ’70s, I believe ’79. It’s a classic orange blossom fragrance, but whereas this uses neroli, Hermes uses Orange blossom rather than neroli, so you’ve got a much fresher, much older masculine fragrance whereas this is soapy and sweeter. I always go back to the 4711. It’s good stuff, very cheap, very light, not overpowering; this is much stronger than this but they both rely on the Neroli notes. The Diptyque Leau de Neroli, now this stuff and this stuff both use the neroli. This is a lot more sweet, this is a lot more soapy but I get pretty much the same chemistry or smell with both of these, where this almost borderline candy-like. But then again it’s not that sweet, it’s just at the end of the spectrum of the fragrances whereas this one’s more sweet; this one is sweet, but is a lot more soapier. So if we get orange blossoms, we’ve got cooler, crisper orange blossom, a sweeter soapier orange blossom neroli, and then we’ve got a very sweet neroli orange blossom right here. Finally, still have a little bit left; Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom which tends to be a lot floral. This stuff, obviously it’s been around for a while, the juice has kinda gotten yellow, but it still smells like orange blossom and it’s good stuff. I don’t wear it as often because it’s just overpowering with the floral quality to it, but if you’re at all into the smell of orange or a garden with orange blossoms blooming on the trees, then that’s definitely going to be it for you. But these work as well, Orange Blossom Neroli, they’re king in my book of fragrances. But Thierry Mugler’s cologne is number one, I don’t ever get tired of it, and I’ll keep going back to it over and over again. There was a time when I bought several bottles and just had them as a back stock, so when I run out, I can pull in a new bottle, so I’ve got several of the older bottle designs; they have updated it recently as well. The bottle design is actually a lot thinner, but I’m glad they haven’t discontinued this because it is an amazing fragrance and I think it’ll always be popular. It’s not overpowering, you’re not going to turn people off with it, it’s very clean, fresh scented, very clean, perfect after a shower, you just feel like you’re just totally spick and span clean, that’s how good it is. So those are my neroli orange blossom based fragrances that I love, and I’ll keep buying more – I know Tom Ford came out with his own interpretation of neroli and actually, funny thing is, it came out right after we picked some of this stuff up from Germany , the 47-11 and actually, the Tom Ford neroli just reminds me of an intensified 47-11 since I still have some of this stuff I’ll use it up and then I will switch over to neroli, but in the meantime, for a stronger fragrance, I will enjoy my Thierry Mugler’s Cologne.

Continuing our Thierry Mugler Cologne Review … So if you haven’t tried out Thierry Mugler’s Cologne, definitely try it out, here’s the logo Cologne, it’s just basically called Cologne with his name right down here His name signature. So yeah, bottle’s like this, obviously they’ve updated it as I’ve mentioned, and uh, the sprayer comes off and when you first purchase it, it’s separate and you basically put it on. Kinda cool to do that, because it adds a unique quality to the fragrance and they’re not just giving you the bottle, they’re making you kind of do the work a little bit which is kind of fun, because fragrance is really fun for me. Alright, well I think that’s basically it for this particular review, Thierry Mugler’s Cologne is an amazing fragrance if you’re into citrus, it’s the one for you with lots of soapy qualities. Thanks for reading my Thierry Mugler Cologne Review, this is Sebastian with Man Loves Cologne, it’s Thank you!