Carolina Herrera CH Men Review

Carolina Herrera CH Men Review

After 6 years from it’s release, Carolina Herrera CH Men is finally getting the hype it deserves. I hate to give in to the hype as well but as I’m traveling Spain I see Carolina Herrera fragrances all over the place even though Carolina Herrera is not Spanish but Venezuelan background with a fashion business based out of New York City. The Carolina Herrera fragrances are licensed through PUIG a Spanish based company which releases fragrances!

I bought CH Men because it’s actually a great scent and one I had not gotten my nose on prior to this trip. It’s a nice sugar dominant leather and vanilla scent with hints of Violet. I loved it but it’s not anything extra special. It’s a great scent but something very accessible and pleasant. Could actually be an everyday scent something you can wear most every day, for work and situations like that but it’d not something that’s going to blow your mind!

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