Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer Review

Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer Review

Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer Review. Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer is one of the most unique products I have ever found. It literally makes your fragrances, cologne or perfume last much longer. Plus it doesn’t mix in with your body chemistry or your own funk and makes the fragrance smell like what it’s supposed to smell like not mixed with your funk.

When I first heard about Canvas & Concrete I was a bit skeptical but for 20 dollars I was willing to take the chance. So I tried it and it really does extend the life of your fragrances. This product works better with fragrances that you really love but have poor performance. Or if a fragrance smells differently on you compared to when sprayed on a strip.

Try Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primer and you’ll see the difference!!

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Canvas And Concrete Review from Man Loves Cologne on Vimeo.

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