Bond No 9. Coney Island Review

Bond No 9. Coney Island Review … Worst Fragrance I Have Ever Smelled!

There aren’t a lot of fragrances that I hate. I especially love Bond No. 9 as a brand and may of their fragrances I wear and enjoy a lot and wear them on a regular basis including things like New Haarlem, West Side, Eau de New York, New York Oud, High Line and more. But unfortunately I cannot stand the much loved fragrance Coney Island. I don’t know what it is about Bond No 9. Coney Island but it really does rub me the wrong way. As soon as it touches my skin I am in rotten egg heaven after Easter holiday with a really strong rotten egg odor.

Crazy stuff but the combo of notes in Coney Island is some of the worst I think. I really think though what’s causing the stinky rotten egg accord in this fragrance is the big dominant melon note. Melon and fragrances do not go well together for me. And usually it comes off like seaweed or something eggy or rotten stinky to me and that’s what’s causing it in this fragrance Coney Island to react with me like that. Almost like sulfur or sulfuric!. Gross stuff.

So this is the very last time I’m putting my nose on Coney Island because I just can’t stand it.

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