Black Magic by Sebastiane Fragrance Review

Black Magic by Sebastiane Fragrance Review

Finally the last video for the great Sebastiane fragrances collection and this is first impressions review of Black Magic.

I was actually not that excited about Black Magic that’s why I left it to the very very end. I was not that excited about the notes so that is the reason it got left behind but I liked it and enjoyed it a lot and probably would own this one because it smells great. I should have switched it up with Urban Legend.

It’s a clean scent and could be an everyday scent and would be perfect for spring and summer wear as well. Now that I’ve sniffed and shot these videos I’d love to go back and sniff Sebastiane’s fragrances again and see how they do since I know a little more about the fragrances. I’d love to give Urban Legend another try to see if I like it after the second sniff.

Thanks so much for watching the series of videos for Sebastiane fragrances!

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