4711 – Best Fresh Very Light Unisex Fragrance

4711 – Best Fresh Very Light Unisex Fragrance

Hi every one this Sebastian with manlovescolonge.com. How are you? Today I would like to review one of my favorite and my all time favorite very light scented colognes, unisex cologne for men or women and that is 4711, very simple German made cologne that has been around since late seventeen hundreds and lets go over. 4711 Eau De Cologne by Maurer and Wirtz that was created in 1792 the nose is Muelhens. The top notes in 4711 are orange oil, peach, basil, bergamot and lemon. The middle notes are cyclamen, lily, melon, jasmine and Bulgarian rose. And finally the base notes are defined patchouli, Tahitian vetiver, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss and cedar.

Anyway this is a very nice pleasant orange blossomy, orange neroli type of fragrance that is very, very, very light. This would be perfect for anyone that is not looking for something too strong. It is light, it doesn’t last too long but you have got the very nice sweet scented fragrance that is perfect for after a shower basically just spray it some all over your body and you are going to smell really nice for an hour or two but after an hour or two I think this fragrance is completely gone. So 4711 makes perfect cologne to just keep around in your bag or in your desk or something if you want a little spritz here and there. It would make it a perfect time to just spray-yourself some here and there like I said. It is perfect for like a work type of a situation if you are working at a place where there are folks that don’t like really heavy scents or are allergic to scents or just can’t handle the scents because I really love strong colognes but I do occasionally run into folks that just don’t like cologne so this is what I use, 4711, it is very light, it is very sweet, it doesn’t put off anyone. It blends well with my body chemistry and kind of run on my clothes and in a hour or two later it is almost completely gone and you have no trace of this 4711 and that is why when you carry some around with you, you just basically spray some around on you a little bit more and then you feel start smelling fresh again. I definitely get orange, orange type of a orange blossom or orange fruit fragrance when this is sprayed. Let’s try some of it now, do a couple *since it is very light. It has got a very soapy element type of feel or nose as well. Any type of soaps that you would really like the strong smelling soaps that you like kind of gives me the feeling of this 4711.

Also once this is kind of dried down I get the, * I get very, very light * kind of a weedy, kind of a mossy oakmoss is one of the ingredients in this so the notes anyway. Cedar is also kind of present but it is kind of wearing out already. I mean I get kind of little traces of it here and there but it is not strong it is definitely a perfect cologne for the person that doesn’t want something really strong so if you are turned off by really strong fragrances I am a huge fan of big strong fragrances. I love that Thierry Mugler Angel, Chanel Egoist type of colognes but I occasionally run into situations where I am going out partying or any friend or maybe even like a client situation where you are going to meet some clients you might want to just skip putting on the stronger scents and put some of this on and you will just be pleasantly sweet smelling but not putting anybody off. So here it is again 4711 old historic cologne from late seventeen hundreds like it is from 1792, the nose behind this fragrance is Wilhelm Muelhens so if you are looking for something new and you are looking something light definitely try 4711. It is an old vintage looking bottle. This one is the, I can’t even see the size but three fluid ounces, ninety milliliters. Picked it up in Germany on my last trip, several bottles of it because I go through a lot of it really quickly but go to our site manlovescolgne.com and there should be a link to where you can purchase this. I know not everyone sells it and you can’t get 4711 at department stores and places like that but we have links on our site where you can pick it up. Thanks again. Give us a review. Give us a thumbs up, link should be at the bottom of the video and definitely subscribe to our channel. We will be adding more videos soon.

Well I also mentioned, we are talking about neroli, I forgot to mention this wonderful fragrance that we will do review of by Diptyque called L’Eau De Neroli it is wonderful, it is a wonderful scent but if you like 4711 and you want something a little stronger you can definitely step up and try this. it is like 4711 just elevated like a thousand times. It is strong, sweet and it lasts. This thing lasts most all day like seven hours, six to seven hours. It is a perfect scent. It is very summery so right now since it is fall I am not sure if it will work but I wear all my all colognes anytime of the year. I don’t really say okay this is one is perfect for the summer, I will stick to wearing it only in the summer time but I will wear my Egoist platinum in the summer time I will wear my Thierry Mugler Angel in the summer time and I will also wear it in the winter time so it is just how I feel but if you like 4711 definitely try L’Eau De Neroli by Diptyque. See the video here.  Anyway thanks again. Subscribe to our channel. We will be back with more videos soon. Have a good one, good bye.

4711 – Best Fresh Very Light Unisex Fragrance

4711 Eaude Cologne Review Podcast


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